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President's End of Season Message

By Joe Hirst Hampden Park (Eastbourne) Bowling Club

Tuesday, 6 October 2020


Hampden Park (Eastbourne) Bowling Club Contributor


CONGRATULATIONS to Hampden Park Bowls Club for completing the summer season, albeit a reduced one. I was not disappointed when on the few occasions I visited the Club, the welcome was as strong as ever and the camaraderie between members continued.

I thank you all for keeping our Club up to the mark and hope you all enjoyed your limited play.

I also want to express my appreciation to the members of the Committee. Even with the present situation committee work has to be done and with numerous (and I mean numerous) telephone calls and emails they kept the Club on course for another season. The attention to detail was probably more onerous than usual.

More heartfelt thanks to the members that a) organised the playing, b) decorated and repaired the pavilion and benches, c) kept the gardens and surrounds in immaculate condition and finally d) supplied members with refreshments - and how could I forget opened the bar.

I never doubted the members would not rise to the occasion and I am very proud to be the President of such a great Club.

It is going to be a long and stressful winter but stay strong, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all again next season.

Sincerely Corinne.

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