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President's Address

By Joe Hirst Hampden Park (Eastbourne) Bowling Club

Wednesday, 7 April 2021


Hampden Park (Eastbourne) Bowling Club Contributor



A very warm welcome to our ‘virtual’ Spring Meeting.

Please bear with me whilst I express heartfelt thanks to the many members who have worked so hard for the Club during difficult times.

Starting with Fred, our Social Secretary, who kept our minds active with many quizzes and puzzles. However, as our Hon. Secretary was on sick leave Fred stepped in as Acting Secretary. Apart from the usual secretarial duties Fred had to contend with a vast amount of correspondence from the E.B.A all of which required immediate attention. Fred passed all the information to the Executive Committee, sometimes in précis format and often with the important facts highlighted. He then passed our thoughts or questions back to the E.B.A. His e-mail box must have been red hot at times. Thank you Fred.

I am pleased to say Dave has recovered and hopes to resume his position as Hon. Secretary soon.

Next Ken, our Chairman, who carried out his duties in his usual cheery way. He kept in touch with all the developments in and around our premises. He is still trying to “get a good deal” on whatever project he is given. Thank you Ken.

Margaret, our Hon.Treasurer, usually has an easier task during the winter season but standing orders still have to be checked and bills paid. Margaret had a nasty fall in December and spent a very long time in hospital. At this time Ken and Fred stepped in and helped out. Margaret is still not 100% fit but is coping very well under the circumstances. Thank you Margaret

Kay, our Match Secretary, continued her quest to find matches having to contend with Covid virus guide lines and succeeded, even acquiring one for 2022. Kay also worked with Joe to put together our 2021 fixture book. Thank you Kay.

Joe is in charge of our Club competitions, which is not an easy job under the present restricted playing conditions. Despite this difficulty, he has prevailed. Thank you Joe.

I thank Brian, Kevin, John and Michael for the massive amount of work they carried out in and around the club, too many jobs for me to mention here but they will be apparent to you on your return to the greens. If I have missed anyone out, I apologise. I will make amends when we meet again.

Normally at the Spring Meeting I introduce the new members and ask them to stand up and introduce themselves. However, I do welcome the five new members and also David Tattam, Julia and Barry Fordham who are returning to the fold. If the new members have any questions everyone will be willing to answer them and we have two excellent Captains, Kevin and Jill, who are a font of knowledge so don't hesitate to speak to them.

I can’t think of anything else to say except that you have been let off lightly as usually at a Spring Meeting we have numerous lists of duties requiring volunteers.

I am looking forward to the season, even in its limited capacity. Whilst I sincerely hope that my confinement to barracks hasn't deprived me of all my faculties, it has certainly confirmed to me that we are still the best Club in Eastbourne.

Sincerely Corinne

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