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Art & Craft Exhibition

By Joe Hampden Park (Eastbourne) Bowling Club

Thursday, 30 April 2020


Hampden Park (Eastbourne) Bowling Club Contributor


To demonstrate to everyone that the lockdown does not dampen your mind but stimulates your creative spirit, Fred is organising an Art & Craft Exhibition to be held towards the end of the summer.

In readiness he has told Barry to make a sculpture out of plumbing pipes - Mike Crowhurst to throw surplus paint on a canvas and ride over it with a bike, after all Jackson Pollock made a fortune doing that - Pat Miles has a sack full of knitted cuddly animals already - Ray Waite is starting on his decoupage – and Fred informs me he has already completed 20 plus paintings during lockdown, so we have the makings of an exhibition all ready.

Don’t be afraid to show your creative side even if you have never picked up a pencil since school. After all you just might be the Alfred Wallace of Eastbourne and soon be exhibiting in the Tate.

I have already had requests for models for Life Drawing, so if you are willing to throw off all, and I mean all, your inhibitions just let me know. I am reliably informed that budding artists prefer bodies that are well worn and have interesting texture, so I’m sure we won’t have any trouble fulfilling that requirement.

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