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2021 Handicaps.

The rationale behind handicap competitions is to equalise the chances of winning of each competitor by offsetting their varying abilities.  The least able bowler must have a reasonable chance of giving the best bowler in the club a serious game.

The 2019 Handicaps are the Starting Point for the 2021 Handicaps

The winners of any major singles competitions in 2019 will have their 2019 handicap increased by +2 per competition; the runners up will have their 2019 handicap increased by +1 per competition.  All others will have their 2019 handicap reduced by 1. This will be the bowlers “True Handicap” which will be starting point for the 2022 handicap allocations.

Playing Handicaps

All bowlers will also have a Playing Handicap which, for most bowlers will be the same as their True Handicap. However as the Playing Handicap is capped in the range of Zero to plus 8, the most able and least able bowlers may have a True Handicap outside this range.

In addition the maximum increase in any bowler’s “Playing Handicap” in any year will be capped at +3.

Major Singles Competitions

The following competitions are deemed to be “Major Singles Competitions”.

Club Championships, Two Wood and Handicap Competitions.


The Handicap Committee have the discretion to revise the playing handicap of any player at any time based on general play, including between rounds.

April 2021