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2019 Competition Results     

                                                  Winner                             Runner Up

Men’s Championship            Joe Hirst                        Mike Crowhurst

Ladies Championship          Sue Sanders                  Wendy Hylands

Men’s Handicap                    Roger Grout                   Alan Glenister

Ladies Handicap                  Joan Mortlock                Tess Streeton

Men’s Two Wood                  Derek Wells                    Peter Walker

Ladies Two Wood                Sue Sanders                   Wendy Hylands

Men’s Pairs                           Alan Glenister                Dave Parris

                                               & Fred Connell               & Ron Fenner

Ladies Pairs                          Daphne Buxton             Sue Sanders

                                               & Norma Rew                & Ursula Fenner

Mixed Pairs                           Tess Streeton                Diane Mitchell

                                               & Tony Huggett             & Doug Massey

Men’s Triples         Fred Connell, Derek Wells          Paul Knight, Kevin Brooks

                                      & Alan Chappel                            & Liam O’Leary

Ladies Triples     Ursula Fenner, Joan Mortlock       Stella Stuttard, Daphne Buxton      

                                    & Sue Sanders                               & Tess Streeton

Mixed Triples     Ursula Fenner, John Gibson          Jill Martin, Derek Wells

                                      & Kevin Brooks                               & Bill Beck

Miles Cup                      Wally Prouten                            Tom Coppard

Chase the Jack             Mick Rew                                   Derek Wells

Fixed Jack                     Kevin Brooks                            Tony Huggett    

Yardstick                       Barry Pride                                Mick Rew

Brain Appeal                Liam O’Leary                             Joe Hirst